Manchester Airport – The Future of Airspace

The Government has a programme to modernise airspace across the whole of the UK (the Airspace Modernisation Strategy) and as a result Manchester Airport will be looking at aircraft arriving at or departing from Manchester Airport and flying at heights of up to 7,000 feet.  The process of modernising this airspace (CAP1616) will take more than two years and will involve a series of different stages.

Manchester Airport is currently in the first stage of the process which involves them asking those affected by the airport to give their views on the principles the airport should consider when designing new flight paths.

If you would like to discuss the process or have a question you can meet Airport staff at their Outreach sessions (, e-mail that at or call them on 08000 967 967.

If you would like to engage with the process you can find more information including a video and information pack, at  This page and document provides information about the Future Airspace programme at Manchester Airport and how you can get involves now.  To be part of the conversation your comments must be returned to Manchester Airport via the weblink by SUNDAY 6TH OCTOBER 2019.”