Manchester Airport Draft Noise Action Plan 2019 – 2023

Telephone number to complain of excessive aircraft noise over Mere : FREE PHONE 08000 967 967

I am pleased to inform you that Manchester Airport’s revised draft Noise Action Plan (2019 – 2023), is now available on our website, for review and comment.

As you may be aware, our Noise Action Plan is a five-year plan to assess, consider and manage aircraft noise around the airport. It is also a key part of delivering broader UK Government noise objectives that are to limit and, where possible, reduce the number of people in the UK significantly affected by aircraft noise.

Noise Action Plans are a legal requirement under European Union Directive 2002/49/EC; relating to the Assessment and Management of Environmental Noise. This Directive is commonly referred to as the Environmental Noise Directive or END. The requirements of the END are transposed by UK Government in the Environmental Noise (England) Regulations 2006 as amended (“the Regulations”).

The Noise Action planning process operates in five-yearly cycles. The aim is for each subsequent Noise Action Plan to build on existing progress to manage the effects of aircraft noise on people. This is the third Noise Action Plan for Manchester Airport and it is based on noise-maps prepared by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) showing the situation at the airport in 2016. Our Noise Action Plan includes existing and proposed measures to manage aircraft noise and sets out how we intend to measure and report progress against our targets. Following a consultation of this new plan with local stakeholders, it will be presented for formal adoption by DEFRA in 2019.

We have a range of stakeholders who have an interest in the airport and their views and comments are an important part of our planning process. Our Noise Action Plan is an important document for Manchester Airport. We are committed to being open in sharing our plan and ensuring that it reflects the views of the airport’s users and neighbours.

Both the Noise Action Plan (2019-2023) consultation draft and the Supplementary Information are available to download on our website using the link below.

Consultation commenced on Tuesday 29th May and will run for twelve weeks, closing on 21st August 2018.

Whilst we will be happy to receive all comments, to help structure responses, a questionnaire has been developed as an editable PDF, which we encourage people to use where possible. You can download the questionnaire from the web site using the link above.

If you have any comments on our Noise Action Plan or any questions or queries about the consultation a dedicated email address is available for people to share their views with us – You can also post your completed questionnaire or any comments to us at Environment Department, Olympic House, Manchester Airport, M90 1QX.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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